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Being mindful of the kids during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Divorce

No Tennessee parent wants to put their children through a divorce but it happens. Despite the natural resilience inherent in children, the impact of divorce stays with them. Here are a few tips to protect the kids while the parents work through the complexity of divorce.

Each parent must spend time with the children

Children are dynamically affected when one parent just disappears. As long as safety isn’t a concern, both parents should find quality time to spend with the kids, continuing to promote a close relationship.

Never use a child as a messenger

Letting the kids transmit messages puts significant pressure on children. You burden them with being a go-between which can lead to anxiety. Manage communication with an ex without involving the children.

Do your best to maintain familiar routines

Preserve as much of the old routines as you can and stick to the new ones you establish. Normalcy is critical to a child’s emotional state and it will be critical during the divorce process.

Strive to control co-parenting conflict

Divorce can complicate the interaction between parents and children. Work to keep everyone on the same page, better equipping the children to prepare for the new family dynamic.

Manage shared expenses responsibly

Even before divorce and child support settlements, find a way to agree on how to provide the children with financial support. Working as a team helps stabilize the family and reminds the children they have two parents that care, not one who’s leaving.

Talk with the children

Many parents shy away from checking in amid a breakup. But you want to know how the divorce is affecting the children. Children have a hard time expressing feelings but your encouragement will be a great step in getting to the next phase of your lives.

Never forget that you are a team

Divorcing parents in Tennessee can have their own ideas of how to protect their kids. But the only clear way is to put the children first and collaborate.

Keeping children in mind through a divorce will be different for every family but at its center is the parents working together.