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What are statutory grounds for divorce in Tennessee?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Divorce

Tennessee Code Title 36 is for domestic relations and covers divorce from the bonds of matrimony. Either party committing adultery is a common cause of divorce. Within general divorce topics, grounds for divorce depend on the circumstances. There are many reasons for grounds for divorce in Tennessee that people may not even know.


Under general divorce topics, there are more technical reasons for grounds for divorce along with the common causes. It’s grounds for divorce when either person was naturally impotent at the signing of the contract. Both parties should know if there’s an issue with procreation.

A spouse already married at their second wedding violates the previous marriage. If the woman was pregnant by another person during the time of marriage, that’s grounds for divorce. A person abandoning their spouse without cause and neglecting to provide for them while having the means is grounds for divorce.

Criminal conduct

A person needs a valid reason before deserting their family for over a year. Either party’s conviction of a felony that results in confinement may be grounds for divorce. A person becoming infamous from the conviction of a crime can create grounds for divorce. A spouse can’t attempt to take the other’s life by any means. Constant drunkenness or drug abuse are common grounds for divorce. Either party may create an unsafe living situation by acting cruelly in the relationship. One party can’t offer indignities to the other to force them to withdraw.

Under general divorce topics, complaints need to be on file for 60 days for couples without unmarried children under 18. Complaints need to be on file for 90 days for couples with unmarried children under 18 before courts allow a divorce hearing. The waiting period starts on the date of the filing of the complaint.