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Tennessee Alimony Laws

Alimony can provide significant relief to individuals who are going through a complicated or challenging divorce. When you have come to grow dependent on your partner, it can be very difficult to adjust to living without their source of income or support. You deserve to receive continued support during and after a divorce.

If you are concerned about securing alimony, be sure to talk with from The Law Office of Martin Sir & Associates. The firm has decades of experience and has been given numerous awards for its commitment to clients and for providing superior legal service. Alimony is an important factor for your well-being before and after a divorce.

How Is Alimony Determined In Tennessee?

In Tennessee, alimony can be awarded for several reasons. The court will review numerous factors to determine if one spouse is eligible for this level of financial support from their previous spouse.

The court may decide to award you alimony for a variety of purposes, including:

  • To help you maintain the lifestyle you enjoyed during the marriage
  • To give you an opportunity to become financially independent over time (back to school, new job, etc.)
  • To help you adjust to the economic downfalls of a divorce
  • To help make up for an imbalance in property division

For a more descriptive list of the statutory factors regarding alimony, please review our Divorce FAQ page.

There is no strict formula for this, meaning that you will need a competent attorney who understands how to best demonstrate your needs and rights. It is also important to keep in mind that more than one type of alimony can be awarded, which means you could get support for a variety of reasons

Tennessee Alimony Arrangements

There is more than one type of alimony in Tennessee. Generally speaking, Rehabilitative alimony provides a limited term of support until a spouse can become self-sufficient by continuing their education to obtain a higher earning capacity to join or rejoin the workforce. Alimony In Futuro is for long-term support until the spouse remarries or dies or if there has been such a material and substantial change in circumstances that would justify a modification of the Alimony In Futuro award.

Transitional alimony is set for a term that allows the spouse to adjust to the post-divorce standard of living. Alimony In Solido is one lump sum ordered to be paid no matter what and is considered as a means of support and/or can be used to equalize the division of the marital estate.

When you are negotiating alimony payments, you need representation to assist you in presenting the best arguments to support your need for alimony or to present the best arguments to mitigate your requirement to pay alimony.

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