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Get The Guidance And Support You Need in Child Custody Issues

For parents experiencing issues regarding custody arrangements, it is preferable that the parties jointly work together for the well-being and best interests of the children. The Courts in Tennessee have taken additional steps to require (unless there is an approved waiver) parents to attend a Parenting Seminar.

These classes are very beneficial to parents whether you are in agreement on custody matters or facing a contested custody dispute. In a nutshell, the Court is under an obligation to consider the statutory factors listed on our Divorce FAQ page and these factors apply in all disputed custody cases.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the emotions facing a parent who is in a dispute with the other parent. Before you act in a way that could harm your case, make certain that regardless of your relationship with your spouse or the other parent of your children, outside of special circumstances, preference is given to the parent that:

  • Encourages the parent/child relationship
  • Does not use derogatory or disparaging comments about the other parent to the children
  • Provides a safe and stable environment to promote the emotional and physical needs of the children

It is very hard for parents going through a contested custody battle to not take their angst or frustration out on the other party without putting the needs of the children first. Remember, the children are a product of both of you. As such, any time you demean or belittle the other parent to the children, you are creating an internal conflict for your child . . . they encompass both of you.

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