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In decades past, only the very wealthy tended to get prenuptial agreements. Things have changed. Today, people entering a marriage want to understand what is being brought into the union. Both people want to know what will happen should the marriage last less than a lifetime.

With decades of family law experience, attorney Martin Sir and his team understand how a prenuptial agreement can be a major step forward for a couple that is looking for honesty and open communication in a marriage. At The Law Office of Martin Sir & Associates, we can help.

Why Have A Prenuptial Agreement?

While it’s true that most people do not enter a marriage believing the marriage will dissolve, the truth is that many marriages, up to 50% of them, end in divorce. What a prenuptial agreement (prenup) does is help to ensure that the divorce goes smoothly. With a prenup, both people know “who gets what” in a divorce. A prenup (or a postnup, created after the marriage) offers several protective benefits.

A prenup:

  • Allows both people to be able to identify and protect what is important to them
  • Can provide protections for children
  • Can clarify what is marital property
  • Can provide business ownership protection
  • Can ensure that assets are distributed fairly in the event of a divorce
  • Can delineate debt
  • Can set the foundation for the future, including a lifelong union or a “smart divorce”

You may have other questions about getting a prenup or postnup. Get the information, insight and seasoned guidance you need before taking the next step. As a firm with a solid family law practice, we are prepared to answer your questions as they pertain to your situation.

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Information is key in any contract. A prenup or postnup is no different. Let’s connect to discuss how this agreement can be an instrument of trust and be beneficial to your relationship.

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