What To Do When Co-Parents Don’T Agree On Vaccinations

Every Tennessee parent wants to do what’s best for their children. However, there’s no guarantee that two co-parents will always agree with each other. Considering that, vaccinations are a hotly debated topic in the United States. Here’s how to discuss vaccination-related disagreements about your child with a former spouse.

Check the co-parenting agreement

Hopefully, at some time during the divorce process, you and your former spouse drafted a co-parenting agreement. These agreements can help parents iron out concerns about child custody on each side. If it exists, a co-parenting agreement should have details about what happens when parents disagree on medical-related issues.

Call in a professional

Sometimes, two parents aren’t expert sources when it comes to medical concerns. In this case, it could be good for you and your former spouse to speak with a medical professional such as a pediatrician or a virologist. This discussion gives each parent a chance to voice concerns about vaccinating their children. Best of all, the medical expert can weigh in with their advice about this topic.

Resolve this topic through the court

Sometimes, parents have to go to court to resolve co-parenting disagreements in front of a judge. However, a judge won’t tell either of you whether or not to vaccinate your child. Instead, a judge can only decide who’s the best parent to make medical-related decisions for their children.

It’s stressful when you and your child’s other parent can’t agree on an issue. During this time, it’s good for parents to focus on what’s best for their children instead of arguing with each other or trying to win an argument.